Continuing Education for Authors

One thing I do like about autumn, though, is that delicious anticipation of going back to school.  Even as an adult, I feel an overwhelming urge to go shop the Back to School sections at Staples, and there’s a sense of a new year, a new beginning.  You have an excuse to buy more lovely blank notebooks.  And fancy pens.  And if the fates align, maybe you’ll have some reasons to go back to school as a writer.

Release Date for Thistles!

It’s an introductory novella, so it’s going to essentially give you the rundown on how both Pistils (the flower shop) and P&V, Inc. (the PI company) came to be…it starts with Vivian coming back to Charleston and the girls taking their destinies into their own hands.  Oh, and Gran, of course!

Cover Reveal for Thistles

Thistles is the perma-free novella that introduces the Pistils romantic thriller series AND, as a closing bonus, includes the first three chapters of the next book in the series!

Instagram for Readers and Writers

As an author, though, I really have to think, not just for subject matter, but for subject matter that fits my account’s aesthetic (for those of you out there laughing at the idea of an author’s IG aesthetic, believe me, it makes a difference!).